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Currently all legal restrictions for the prevention of Covid have been lifted. As a result we are now conducting as many of our meetings to face-to-face where appropriate. What does that mean for us?

  • There is no restriction on numbers attending our services in the building. This means you will no longer need to book in advance. 

  • From 1st May we will no longer be streaming our Sunday services live. You will still be able to catch up on all our sermons though the podcasts available on the "Teaching" section on our website. (Our daily Blogs are also available there.)

  • There is no longer any legal requirement for you to wear a mask while in the building.

  • There is no longer any requirement for social distancing.

  • We are aware that Covid has not gone away and there may still be some anxiety about meeting together. We have therefore designated a space in the balcony where people are able to social distance and wear a mask if you feel more comfortable to do so.

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