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What is Funky Monkeys?

Funky Monkeys is our much loved kids club which was first launched and established by Community Church Putney way back in 2007.  It is a place where children can come and enjoy songs, games and creatively told Bibles stories, which all happens in the safe and welcoming environment of Community Church Putney hall and is led by a team of enthusiastic and caring volunteers* who make up the Funky Monkey team.

*(All adult volunteers are DBS checked.)

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Who is Funky Monkeys for?

Funky Monkeys is for children aged between 5-11 years old.

When is Funky Monkeys?

Funky Monkeys usually runs over two mornings in the school holidays.

Where is Funky Monkeys?

Funky Monkeys takes place at Community Church Putney, Werter Road, Putney, SW15 2LL.

How much does Funky Monkeys cost?

Funky Monkeys does not require payment - it is a free event.

Our next Funky Monkeys...

[Watch this space for our next club]

How do I sign up for Funky Monkeys?

You can sign up your children for our next Funky Monkeys event by clicking the sign-up button below.

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