18th and 25th April 2021


The church is meant to spend as much time as possible talking about Jesus, being Jesus to their community and becoming more like Jesus in its character. However, if you ask the world about the church they will often think that the church is just about asking them for money.

Why on earth then do churches have gift days?


We plan to have three gift days this year with three specific aims:


1. To become more like Jesus in generosity

In the last year, we have faced particular challenges relating to where out security lies, particularly around finances. Jesus spoke about money more than any other subject and he did so because he knew that money could so easily become our stronghold. A stronghold was a place of security and safety. God is meant to be our stronghold and yet we can so easily replace the security of the God of the universe with the latest gadget or investment. We have gift days during the year to give us all a regular opportunity to check our hearts. To check that we are worshipping God with our financial resource and to check that our finances have not replaced God as our rock of security. 


2. To display the generosity of God to others

The gift of Jesus is the greatest act of generosity ever seen. For God so loved the world he GAVE his one and only son. In response to a generous God we want to grow in generosity as a church family. Gift days make us exercise the muscle of generosity. We encourage one another to be generous in our attitude and we love to give away as part of our gift days. From the total of our gift days through the year we plan to give 10% to bless our work in and through the New Ground family. New Ground are involved in a number of existing and new apostolic church plants and we want to bless this work.


3. To dent the debt

We are blessed to have a great building in the heart of Putney. Our vision is to see this be a vital community hub for Putney and surrounding areas and before lockdown we were serving approximately 500 people per week through different church activities and other organisations using the building.  5 years ago we took out a loan of £1.2 million to completely renovate the building. Thanks to your generosity over the last 5 years we have already paid off £260,000 of that debt. Our heart is to be debt free in 10 years so that we can give away more as part of our kingdom calling. Our goal is to pay off at least an additional £50,000 of capital each year in addition to the £34,000 we pay through regular monthly payments. Our gift days play a vital part in denting that debt.


So as we approach our gift days on 18th and 25th April we would love to reach a target of £30,000. Please be praying about how you can join us in becoming generous people and helping to dent the debt.


Details of how to give are included on this page, and don’t forget to indicate if we can claim gift aid on your gift.


We believe that everything we have is a gift from God, and if we are to make a significant contribution to the flourishing of our community  then it matters how we use our resources.  Those of us who consider Community Church Putney to be our home are encouraged to contribute to the church’s goals through financial support. We are so grateful to the many people who have, and continue, to show their trust and commitment to the church in this way. 

Community Church Putney is both a registered charity (Registered charity: 1158141) and a limited company (no. 09012734). If you would like to find out where our money has been spent you can check it out here.

Giving to the church


Bank Transfer

The most efficient way to give is to set up a payment from your bank. You can make regular payments or one off payments by setting up a standing order with your bank or via online banking.


Our Account details are:

Acc name:       Community Church Putney

Sort Code:      60-24-07

Acc No:           87141167


During the current situation we are not able to take up an offering on a Sunday. If you normally give by cash/cheque on a Sunday morning please consider giving via your bank. 

You you can also make a payment using the form below.

If you would like any further information please contact the church office.

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Community Church Putney is a registered Charity: (1158141). A limited company registered in England (09012734)