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PART 34 – STRONG SUPPORT (17/2/20)

This week concludes our studies in the life and times of King David. We end by looking at his ‘mighty warriors’ - those who receive less attention, but, are the kinds of people that make anyone or organisations successful.

‘These were the chiefs of David’s mighty warriors—they, together with all Israel, gave his kingship strong support to extend it over the whole land, as the Lord had promised…’ (1 Chronicles 11:10)

David was a great man of God, but his success also depended on the ‘strong support’ of these ‘mighty warriors’.

It’s interesting that God’s promise of the Land was fulfilled as David and His warriors worked together; God can work independently, but He normally achieves His will through His people as they act in obedience and together.

Give strong support

We may not feel like mighty warriors, but, if you’re a Christian, God has called you, and has appointed you to fulfil His promises! We can all offer ‘strong support’ to God’s mission, serving His people, supporting your church leaders… this goes beyond the church, it involves your neighbourhood, workplace… Wherever God has put us, we are to be great team-players.

Do you know that you have a part to play in the fulfilment of God’s promises? Are you offering strong support? Are you doing all that you can with what God has given you? I love the account of the widow’s offering; Jesus concludes by saying,

“Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others.  They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on” (Mark 12:43-44).

This widow was giving ‘strong support’ to God through her generous giving. Likewise, we may not have been chosen to be among David’s mighty warriors, but God has chosen us, and use what we have, small or large, to give ourselves away for His work.

This church is full of people who give strong support. Whether it’s on a Sunday, mid-week activities, running Community Groups... I want to thank you for your loving, sacrificial service.

Seek strong support

Not only do we have relationships in which we give strong support, we also need to seek support. Ideally, these people would come to us, like they did to David in the cave of Adullam (1 Sam. 22:2); however, oftentimes, we have to humble ourselves and ask for help, and, oftentimes, we have to deal with being disappointed. Asking for support with your leadership, parenting, work, praying, reading the bible, your health… This is an invaluable attribute.



During this week's devotionals, we are being encouraged to be 'mighty warriors' for Jesus. However, it's important that we understand that doing great things for God is to simply - do all we can, with all we have, where we are, by God's grace. To this end let's meditate on and memorise Philippians 4:13.


  • We will only do this, and persevere in doing this, if we believe that it's truly important to hide God's word in our heart. So get faith!

  • Don't disqualify yourself if it's hard - it is hard!

  • Write the text somewhere that's easy to find and use - a note on your phone, a post-it on the fridge...

  • Include the reference (book/chapter/verse) throughout the process

  • Read it slowly and carefully x 10 (Don't rush or dismiss this accurate repetition)

  • Recall it, without looking as much as possible x10

  • Do this a few times through the day - a habit is best formed by doing this at the same times, and places each day.

  • Revise regularly (and revise previously memorised verses)

  • Make it a habit to learn new verses - skill comes over time

  • USE IT! Actively use it to pray, worship, counsel, prophecy, and counter temptation and lies by quoting truth - it’s the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17).


  • Biblical meditation is to prayerfully read, repeatedly, a section of the bible and pray, worship and respond as God leads. Here are a few tips and questions, what I call the 'come to Jesus daily method', to help you when meditating:

  • PRAY - Ask for the Spirit to help you and to speak to you. Keep the goal in mind - having a relationship with God!

  • WRITING- Writing/journaling is often a great help as you answer the questions below. Remember, don't allow worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar, perfection... to stop you from writing - it's between you and God. In meditation, I encourage you to write in the first-person, speaking to God - "I see that you are...I sense you speaking to me about...I pray for...."

  • GOSPEL- What does God, through this text, say to you about salvation through Jesus?

  • UP- What does God, through this text, say you about Himself – His worth, character, attributes, will, promises…?

  • IN- What does God, through this text, say about you, His church and how we are to relate?

  • OUT- What does God, through this text, say about non-believers and our mission?

  • RESPONSE – Is there anything else that you want to pray, worship God about, do, ask forgiveness about, ask God to help you to change…?




What is the scariest thing you've ever done and why did you do it?

Introduction (Please read this intro to the group)

This week we are finishing our series in the life and times of King David. We finish by looking at his 'mighty warriors'. David was a great man of God, however, he depended on the support of many people. Behind the scenes of any success, there are usually numbers of faithful friends, colleges and family. In the words of the Beatles, we truly do 'get by with a little help from my friends'.

I want to thank every one of you for your love, prayers and sacrificial service that make Community Church what it is and will become.

Please read and discuss 1 Chronicles 11:10

  1. In what ways do you, or could on, seek to give 'strong support' in church, in the home, at work?

  2. How could you, as a group, support one another more effectively?

  3. How do you need support in your life at the moment? Who could you approach about this?

Please read and discuss 2 Samuel 23:20-23

  1. What are the kinds of 'lions, pits and snowy days' that we encounter?

  2. Do you have any past or present examples of taking faith 'jumps' for God?

  3. This story could easily become a 'self-help' message - "face your fears and have a can-do attitude". To keep us from this danger, we want to be 'gospel-centred' - appreciate what Jesus has done for us, how this changes us, before we talk about what we do for Him - He's the hero! How is Benaiah's act (with the lion) a picture what Jesus has done for us? How does knowing Jesus enable us to become more like Benaiah?


Note - At the moment, please get into smaller groups every week when you meet, and, preferably, in the same groups each week.

  • Share anything from your life or the bible study that you'd like prayer for.

  • Share any encouraging things that God has done in your life recently.

  • Pray for students' mission week (see this week's church news for prayer points)

  • Pray for provision in the church, specifically for our upcoming gift days on 22, 29th March.


Please look at the church news together.

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